Anna and Michael Rofka

Anna and Michael Rofka

We are a Ukrainian-German artsists couple living in Germany. Having totally diverse art educations, Anna in Ukraine, Michael in Germany, we develop and realize site specific artworks together. But there are also individual works like sculptures and paintings. We often use phenomena of nature like sounds, light effects, or shapes to start a creative process. Somentimes people can use installations like large music instruments to make improvised music. Other artworks work with the power of the wind or we use broken glass for the appearance of spectral colours. So art is also a way to explore the nature in a phenomenological and aesthetical way.

We are also working at artschools.

Forms of art: visual 3 d and 2 D
Country: Germany - Country of origin: Ukraine and Germany - Email: - Website - Facebook - Instagram

Black cloud - white cloud
Conversation magique
Domaine d'energie
House of the sea
Water Lily