Anne Mangéot

Anne Mangéot

Participating in numerous group exhibitions in France and abroad (Europa, Japan, United States, Australia), and solo exhibitions in museums, centers of art, and galleries. Since a long time, she is working in situ, mostly in the nature; she is participating in numerous residences in France and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Netherlands, Australia). Public and private collections in France, Europa, Japan and Australia.

‘I like to work outside, especially in nature, and to feel the space around me. My favourite materials are natural (eg branches, sand, and light) or poor (eg cardboard, ordinary metal). To catch the spirit of a site and to exalt its poetry and then to concentrate these elements in an art work is the essential focus my art in nature works. Whilst much work goes into problem solving, interrogation, and dreaming, I nevertheless try to leave a fragile and modest trace of human activity in my natural surroundings.’

Forms of art: visual 3D
Country: France - Country of origin: France - Email: - Website

molus pumila
petit ouvrage d'Arachné