RESERVOIR Somewhere on the edge of Girona’s old town, you can descend via a stone staircase to a small plateau on which there is a large jug-like object. Next to it, water drips from the rock (Font d’en Pericot) and a little below flows a stream. At least in winter season. The object, the artwork RESERVOIR, looks like a jar, a container for water, with an arched opening at the top, but at the same time it is transparent like lace, because it is woven from hazel branches. Water would seep through. RESERVOIR is about the availability of water for everyone, about preserving what is valuable and refers to the fragile situation of our planet in these issues. RESERVOIR was made for Art & Gavarres on site by the Dutch artist duo AKUNZO. Art & Gavarres is an International Landart Festival in the Gavarres region.