Catriona Towriss

Catriona Towriss

I create sculptural art that mimics the shapes, textures and dynamism of the living world. My works
are created from materials collected from local trees and forests.

My practice emerged out of the need to regenerate my own relationship with the earth, to find ways of
existing beyond notions of ‘time as money’ and ‘resource as capital’. Walking and foraging for
materials draws me into deeper awareness of the stories of the land and the life that it supports. The
creation of my work is a labour-intensive process, a visual meditation that familiarises me with the
colours, textures and forms of the materials. Further, the process itself mimics the incremental, yet
powerful, ways that nature grows and is shaped by environmental processes.

My work expresses my grief over the climate emergency and the destructive impact of capitalism,
resource extraction and colonial intrusion upon human-earth relations. Seeking hope, I search the
spiritual ecology of the landscapes surrounding me: in South Africa where I practise, and within my
European lineage. I reach to the cultural margins to find the traditions that have held nature’s
vitality as sacred. Through drawing attention to the inherent creative and sustaining power of nature,
my work seeks to repair and regenerate human reverence for the earth and land.

Forms of art: Installation, Sculpture, Performance
Country: South Africa - Country of origin: United Kingdom - Email: - Website - Instagram

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