Jan Sajdak

Jan Sajdak

There are a couple of reasons why I dedicate a huge part of my life to doing art in nature:

  1. Working in nature and in natural materials is what I like to do the most. Since childhood I spent a lot of time on the trees, in the forest. I like to breathe fresh, humid air. Its natural environment for me

  2. We live in a time when we should transform all our activities in a sustainable way. Doing art from natural materials or recycled materials is a good direction

  3. I believe art in nature can be a tool for growing the general awareness of the value that nature has in itself. Artistic intervention in nature, like a jewellery on a human body, can open many eyes for the ever preexisting beauty of the natural environment, that otherwise can stay unnoticed and, eventually, trampled.

  4. It is a fascinating adventure to treat the encountered landscape as a partner, an important factor in the creative process. Contrary to a square picture, which can hang on any wall in the world, as the wall doesn’t matter, here creative intervention has to create one harmonious composition with the “wall” - the landscape. As well as not harming the natural environment physically and not disrespecting it on the level of message, you should not harm it aesthetically.

  5. In a society of growing inequalities and creeping privatization, creating art in the public sphere is a form of resistance in itself. Art, that is available to people of all kinds, from all social classes, not only the art gallery world insiders or the ones rich enough to buy art for themselves. … In nature and in the city, I like to experiment, to discover new paths. Be it weaving nests for people from hazel sticks 4 m long, or creating stained glass recycled windows for openings in an old hollow tree growing in a municipal park in Warsaw or trying to fix sand drop castles so that they rise higher than when children do them just from sand and water by the sea . . . I have always managed to discover a technique to transform my plans from pencil and crayon sketch into reality, even if it is sometimes hard to predict how long will it take and how I will do it. It gives me courage in visioning.

Forms of art: visual 3D, visual 2D, music, performance
Country: Poland - Country of origin: Poland - Email: - Website - Facebook - Instagram

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