Mai Movrin

Mai Movrin


Fascinated by nature with its immense adaptability, its perpetual movement, evolving into new forms and symbioses, I occupy myself in my work with the contrast between power strength and vulnerability in relation to the theme of being “cradled in nature”.

This feeling of safety and security implies power, but also vulnerability; vulnerability is the strength of being safe and secure: they are inextricably linked to each other. Translating this tension between power and vulnerability into form, matter and structure, contrasting and by that reinforcing each other, I create a harmonious union which forms the core essence of my work. Power and vulnerability form an alliance in this contrast, in both substance and image.

This results in, amongst others, wooden sculptures that are overwhelming in their monumental shapes, but also subtle in their details and references. In my choice of material I stay close to nature in its raw but transitory character. What remains is the remembrance of the work in the form of a relic.

Forms of art: visual 3D
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Border line
Infinity flowers
Sensuele Dragers