Peter Josef Maria Schneider

My works are often characterised by a certain lightness, both when they are two- or three-dimensional and made of a wide variety of materials. My interventions, installations and objects are mostly non-representational. I usually make site-specific art, often from delicate fabrics that spread out indoors or outdoors, taking up space and interacting with the wind, the light and the particular environment. I also make works from natural materials such as leaves, grass, but also tree trunks or heavy stones. These works are often created in places that are very inaccessible, which is why they cannot be perceived by the public. However, I use them as the basis for new, independent works of art in the sense of photographs or videos. Now and then I also work with steel or barbed wire, but here too I usually create works that have something light about them, just as if they could be moved by the wind.

Forms of art: Visual 3D, visual 2 D, texts, video
Country: Netherlands/Germany - Country of origin: Germany - Email: - Website - Facebook - Instagram

Blue Wind
Guardians over the River Rur
Harp of Grass