Opportunity: Tankwa Artscape Artist Residency

WEBSITE Link for full details: http://www.tankwaartscape.com/

09/10/2020 - 19/10/2020

Tankwa Artscape Residency at Stonehenge Private Reserve

Tankwa Artscape Residency Fri 29 May to Mon 8 June 2020 is cancelled

Alternative date Fri 9 Oct to Mon 19 Oct 2020

Imagine a desert floor, undisturbed by human traffic. It’s not the absence of life that is so dramatically visual. It is a few million years old retrospective of ancient seabed and cataclysmic geological events in Earth history, and the footprint of storms and water flow in the riverbeds. Vast pans nudge aside scrub and vlei and gentle hills and land, which drop outside of the quick glance, towards a perimeter of deep-set mountain horizon.
Across some of the expanse of tight scrub and dark flatland there is a bicycle track that may have traversed this space anytime between two weeks and twenty years ago; a rut has embedded itself into spongy soil between the rocks. Weathering has deepened the impression, the impact from which erosion has begun.
You could say it defines the beginnings of consciousness, that bicycle track. It represents a challenge that will always be here: to what extent should this kind of impact be acceptable. And where is the compromise?
As an artist how do we respond to this landscape in a way that pays respect to the unique desert aesthetic?
The original ‘gate-keepers’ of the land here lived light on the ground. Who should be the present and future ‘curators’ of this landscape, and what responsibility comes with that curatorship?
It is the artist who is able to leave another kind of impression, a way of seeing that can affect the conscious gaze of anyone passing or experiencing their work. In the end, if the art is offered with the right intention, the aim of this project has been fulfilled.

Considering what is the ‘right intention’ is where the work begins.

Themes of shelter versus open space, nourishment versus scarcity, protection versus vulnerability start to define what is naturally happening in that landscape.
The fauna, flora, geology and history of the Tankwa and its people will further inform artistic concepts.


Opportunity: Ainin Challenge – Emergence

DEADLINE: 21/06/2020 In English

AiNIN – Artists in Nature International Network – are launching an open call to artists worldwide to submit 1-3 photos of a new work made in response to the theme “EMERGENCE” 

(One work only per artist.)

  • We are interested in work that is created primarily with natural materials. 
  • It could be a site-based or indoor installation, an assemblage, collage or two dimensional work.
  • Art work may be of any size.
  • Photos must be a jpeg file,  square format no less than 800×800, not to exceed 1500×1500 pixels, labeled as follows: artist’s name_title (if any)
  • Please post with the #aininchallenge  hashtag  and tag our Instagram account: @ainin_art, otherwise we won’t be able to take your post in account.
  • Entries must be received before June 21st 2020 at midnight 
Additionally, a selection of photos will be assembled into a mosaic which will be published on Facebook & Instagram.
By submitting your work with this #aininchallenge hashtag, you give permission for your work to be used in a collage.
Not all submitted pictures may be included in the final mosaic. 
No commercial use will be made of your work or the final mosaic without authorization.
Don’t forget to tag your artist friends

Opportunity: Hotel Maria Kapel

WEBSITE Link for full details: http://hotelmariakapel.nl/

DEADLINE: 25/05/2020

On Shelter: HMK Open Call 2021-22 (6-week residency)

– apply directly for a six-week residency
– apply directly for a one-year residency

With this open call, we invite proposals from all kinds of artistic practitioners that think about where and how we can shelter and be sheltered. What do we need sheltering from in this new time? What would our new shelters look like? What are the politics of sheltering, especially in a politically divided world? Can we imagine shelters that are porous, spiritually and politically, that are in relation and exchange with different worlds? What could our worlds be?

Since 2003 HMK has functioned as a residency for contemporary artists. In 2020 HMK is asking: how can we be an institution of care within the limits of an exploitative system, with which we are all complicit? 2021 we will continue to partly reshape the institution to respond to matters of urgency in the support of artistic practice. After the global COVID-19 pandemics things will and must change.

Young artists especially face the challenge of entering into an even more uncertain art world. With this open call, we want to address our shared uncertainty and to offer our support to artists in the first years of their professional practice. The program also tries to map the needs of our young practitioners in a changing (art) world. We, therefore, invite Dutch-based artists, writers, researchers and practitioners from other disciplines within 4 years of graduation to apply for a residency in 2021. 

We are offering two types of residencies: four residencies of six-week duration and one-year-long residency without accommodation that unfolds outside of HMK, in the locality of Hoorn or the area of West-Friesland. A residency concludes with a presentation, often in the form of an exhibition, event or publication.

Continue reading on our website,
or apply directly for a six-week residency or one-year residency.

AiNIN Instagram Needs YOU!

AiNIN is now ready to promote our artist member's art projects through our Instagram account



  • NUMBER OF IMAGES   3 different project photos of your most favourite projects from the last few years
  • IMAGES   Good quality images please, total size 1MB
  • IMAGE FILE TITLE   your-name_artwork-name

– Your artwork’s name

– The exhibition/symposium name

– Location & country

– date made

– short statement (20 word maximum)

– materials used

– any # you like to use (optional)

– your instagram handle, this is the account name (optional)

– I give AiNIN permission to use these images on Instagram, Facebook & AiNIN’s website. 

PLEASE EMAIL:    ainintreasurer@nullgmail.com   Sally Kidall

BIG THANKS to Gudalupe Carrizo member from Argentina & Kim Cao from France for developing this.

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TAG Us  @ainin_art     HASH TAG #ainin_art 

Opportunity: Sustainability First Art Prize

DEADLINE: 01/06/2020

The Sustainability First Art Prize is open to all living British and international artists based in the UK,
established and emerging, over the age of 18 years. Images of up to 3 works can be submitted online only
per person. The works must be original, created in any media – including but not limited to painting,
drawing, mixed media, sculpture, video and installation.
Sustainability First is a think tank and charity which seeks to promote practical ways to deliver
environmental, social and economic wellbeing – with a particular focus on climate change and public utility
companies (e.g. energy, water and communications).

The organisers provide: The winning artist will receive a prize of £1000 with £300 for second prize and
£200 for third prize.

Opportunity: Eyebeam > Rapid Response For A Better Digital Future (Online)

WEBSITE Link for full details: https://www.eyebeam.org/rapidresponse/

DEADLINE: 21/05/2020

Information: Looking for projects to invigorate artistic creation of digital futures. As economies
and everyday routines are disrupted around the world, Eyebeam is taking action to support artists
who are imagining a more humane digital realm.
The guiding question for this call is: how do we begin to exit surveillance capitalism as the
dominating form of digital life and what can replace it?
They’re asking artists to generate ideas and actionable projects that enact solutions for rebuilding
digital systems.
This fund is intended to support projects that are most responsive and potentially ground-breaking
in building a better digital world.
They will prioritize work that addresses this through the following, interrelated, lenses:
• New, online public spheres
• Ethical or values-driven technology
• Health and well-being
• Development of public policy
• Creating space for imagination
• Individual autonomy, borders, and immigration
• New and necessary skills for artists
• Democratic engagement and fortification
• Impacts of Covid-19
• Increasing accessibility of online platforms
• Artificial and natural intelligence

The organisers provide: Rapid Response for A Better Digital Future will unfold in two phases. In
the first, planning/idea stage, twelve $5,000 grants will be made available for top applications,
gathered through a free open call. In the second, project/development phase, three of those
recipients will be awarded an additional $20,000 to build their ideas into actionable projects,
based on their potential for real-world impact. The twelve participants will form an active cohort
of practitioners, encouraged to collaborate between phases. Regular and robust virtual
communication, expert consultation, skill sharing, and group critique and conversation will be
provided to all of the supported artists, facilitated by Eyebeam.

Opportunity: Heart of Glass > With For About 2020 Conference Call Out (Online)

DEADLINE: Rolling until 08/06/2020

When: With For About 2020 will happen over 5 weeks, lasting one hour each week.

What creative solutions have marginalised people developed to survive before Covid-19?
What creative ways of being and organising are being made now in response to Covid-19?
How do we embed and share these solutions, ways of being and organising now and into the future?
Heart of Glass’ ‘With For About’ conference will create a vital, slow and complex space between
art, activism, care and social practice in response to COVID-19.
It wilfully asks – in facing this crisis, another ten years of austerity, ecological collapse, harsher
borders, more racism and deeper ableism within deeply divided societies – how can artists,
activists and organisations make vital change within our communities and beyond?
With For About 2020 will feature short video provocations, sharings of practice and projects and
discussion of various responses by artists and activists, all streamed into your home. It has
intentionally been designed to work around the shifting nature of these times – allowing for work
care, fluctuating schedules and new contributors to be added.
The organisers are looking for contributors from anywhere in the world. They are very keen to
hear about things they won’t have heard about, the unchampioned, undiscovered and low-key.
Projects and practice from marginalised people that are urgent, honest, tender and vital.
They are especially keen to hear from places where COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact, including
but not limited to: China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Iran, USA, Indonesia, India, Palestine, Brazil,
Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Russia.

The organisers provide:
They are asking for short films, interviews or descriptions directly to camera for which we are
paying £300. They suggest the contribution to take about a day to complete. It can be rough
around the edges, from the heart is more important than super polished.

Opportunity: Evakahan Foundation Artist Residencies (Italy)

WEBSITE Link for full details: http://kahaneva.com/en/artist-residency/

DEADLINE: 01.09.2020

When: 1-3 month creative residencies in San Sano, Tuscany. The residencies will take place
between October 2020 and May 2021.
Information: The Foundation expects to focus on receiving artists from the Central European
The residency house is located next to the guesthouse of the estate and a grove of olive trees. If
they wish, resident artists can take part in harvesting either wine grapes or olives, take care of
beehives, and engage in other agricultural activities. The artists become part of the local life and
strengthen the artistic spirit and image of the place through their works. In return for this
opportunity the Foundation requests that each resident artist contribute one of the works of art
which they create during their time there

The organisers provide:
A maximum of three resident artists will receive:

  • A monthly financial support of 1250 EUR.
  • Use of the artists’ studio and the motor vehicle which belongs to the estate.

Opportunity: Infinity – The 5th Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards (Taiwan)

WEBSITE Link for full details: http://www.lihpao.org.tw/en/award.php?no=18

DEADLINE: 30.10.2020

When: Exhibition Period: From November 5, 2021 to December 5, 2021

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” – Jean-Jacques
The great significance of art is to reflect human emotions in the real world. This Biennial Awards is
expected to open up the artist’s infinite imagination of the future through the vocabulary of
Event Description
1. Age eligibility: Participants must be under age 50. Any domestic and international
applicants born after January 1, 1970 (inclusive) are eligible to partake in the event.
2. Material applicability: The work must be created out of materials suitable for an everlasting
3. Entry qualification: Entries must be created independently by individuals. Every participant
is limited to submitting two entries at most.
The organisers provide:
1. First Prize (x 1): 30,000 USD, a prize cup and a certificate of merit.
2. Tsai Yun Prize (x 1): 10,000 USD, a prize cup and a certificate of merit.
3. Enterprise Award (x 1): 10,000 USD, a prize cup and a certificate of merit.
4. Prize for Excellence (x 2): 5,000 USD, a prize cup and a certificate of merit.
5. Honourable Mention (x 5): 2,000 USD and a certificate of merit.
6. Winners of the First Prize, Tsai Yun Prize, Enterprise Award and Prize for Excellence will be
invited to attend the awarding ceremony and subsidized for a three-day-and-two-night
complimentary accommodation (voucher) and air ticket: 500 USD for the tour in Asia and
1000 USD for travel to the rest of the world

Opportunity: The Farm Margaret River Residency (Australia)

DEADLINE: 29.05.2020

When: 5-8 weeks between October – November 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the residency dates may move to 2021 if necessary


A site-specific based residency.

The Farm Margaret River is located in the south-west of Western Australia, a region of ancient soils and flora, bounded by the Indian Ocean.

Farm Margaret River engages with agricultural sciences, visual arts and the community to explore and observe our united possibilities. The visual arts are a conduit to our conversation and our perspective of where we stand today.

A visiting artist will live and work in a contained live-in studio which is surrounded by arable paddocks, fresh water springs and bush land. The Farm Margaret River is nestled within a rural community versed in organic, holistic and sustainable living practises, yet conveniently close to the Margaret River Township. The artist in residence will not only be able to develop a new body of work or continue their practice in a new environment, but will have the opportunity to exhibit their art for the people of The Farm Margaret River, the surrounding rural community, and the state of Western Australia.

The organisers provide:

  • AUD $5,000 artist fee, materials and accommodation.
  • A travel subsidy will be individually negotiated with the successful applicant.