AiNIN is an international organisation dedicated to serving working artists and event organisers who create and engage in site-specific, land-based art across a broad range of disciplines. We believe that art-in-nature implies respecting nature, to reveal and comment upon our relationship with our environments, rather than exploiting it for the sake of art.


We are artists committed to art in nature.

AiNIN was formed in 1999 as an international organisation dedicated to serving artists and event organisers who create and support site-specific work in the environment and landscape. As members of AiNIN, we believe that art-in-nature implies respecting nature, to reveal and comment upon our relationship with our environments, rather than exploiting it for the sake of art. Our definition of `nature’ includes wild and untouched landscapes, rural, cultivated and agricultural spaces, some urban, suburban or city park environments and conservation reserves – across a variety of public and private domains.

Site-specific work in the environment and landscape can take many forms. However, paying attention to diverse geographical, cultural, historical, physical and elemental contexts of an environment is at the core of what AiNIN artists do. Members are committed, each in our own way, to re-envision a constructive, rather than deconstructive, approach to creating art-in-nature. We often work with the materials found locally and in-situ. Many other sculptural materials are often integrated into the projects, driven by the events and their themes, available materials and project ideas. AiNIN artists may also have practices that cross media and genres, materially and conceptually, to include object-making, sculptural installation, sound, performance, video, electronic arts and text-based work.

Making art-in-nature can be a personal and solitary immersion in the environment or a vital form of public art, joining the ever-expanding definition and range of public art practice in the past several decades. Our efforts in environment-based public art has brought an increasing appreciation for this form of contemporary art, as well as overall ecological awareness, to the population at large as greater numbers of symposia, festivals and related exhibitions are being organized internationally.

Donald Buglass, NZ
Donald Buglass, NZ

Sharing Information

Pascale Planche, France
Pascale Planche, France

International opportunities are shared regularly to members via email. These opportunities include artist calls for site-specific arts events, residences (which are usually related to place and the environment) and other art-nature associated events.

AiNIN acquires information either directly from event organisers, from ordinary members who share event information and from Bureau member’s research into advertised events.

As an association of artists with the same aims and challenges, we encourage all members to share their information through AiNIN. Many members do this on a regular basis. The idea of sharing should be central to the ethos of AiNIN, strengthen our association and provide the membership with far more opportunities and information.

We also encourage members to send in reports of a project they have been involved in (an image and a short description of the event and artwork) to share their experience. This will be published on our website.


You may not be an artist or an event organiser but are interested in our association and wish to support purely by your annual membership fee (30 euros) or even a larger financial contribution.

We welcome all supporters of our aims to join AiNIN. Supporters may include members of communities who are either involved in art-in-nature events or wish to be, funding bodies – both governmental and philanthropic, and businesses, schools and other community organisations.

fiona paterson a member from france | ainin
Fiona Paterson, France


Jette Mellgren, Denmark
Jette Mellgren, Denmark

AiNIN was formed in 1999 and currently represent a significant number of international artists and communities from around the world. We are open to visual artists, performers, musicians, writers, video and sound artists and other forms of art, as long as they are site-specific and respect AiNIN’s art-in-nature principles.

Prior to the establishment of Artists in Nature International Network, our encounters with other artist-in-nature communities had been based on personal affinities, friendships and individual networks, which were limited. We believed that there was a need to open and broaden these networks into a larger platform of encounter. To achieve this, we started planning an association of artists and have been meeting since December 1998 to refine our ideas, finally creating a non-profit association of artists in April 1999.

Consequently, we confirmed our structure and goals by the end of June 2000. The tool we chose in May 2001 as our principal form of communication was a website representing the work of artists in nature, linking to the web pages of members, artists and organising communities. A dense flow of international opportunities and information continues to this day through our new websites.

The constitution of AiNIN is lodged in France. The Members of the Bureau (who are responsible for the administration and direction of AiNIN) have, at different times, been based in Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand.

Being non-profit orientated, all our activity is based on benevolent active members. It allows a very low membership fee: 30 Euro for individual artists and 60 Euro for event organisers and groups of artists
Here, you will find our Statutes


The financial members of AiNIN elect the members of the Bureau during the Annual General Meetings. These members serve for three years and can either re-stand for election or step down at the end of their three-year term, all members of the Bureau work voluntarily. The Annual General Meeting assesses the organisation’s achievements over the previous year and also gives prospective new members a chance to learn more about the organisation, and modify its operation. The meeting also includes discussion around pertinent art-in-nature issues.

All financial members can nominate for positions on the Board when a new election is due. We certainly encourage members to take an active interest in AiNIN. As Bureau members live all over the world and are separated by long distances, most of our meetings take place via Skype. Whilst we are all very much concerned with issues of place and nature we still wish to harness the potential of technology to improve communication and our work in nature. As our web site develops further we hope to create discussion groups on a range of topics.

Current Bureau for 2019

Cherie Sampson, USA | Bureau President AiNIN

Cherie Sampson

CHAIRMAN (President)

Country of residence: USA
Disciplines: Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D, Performance & Video

Sally Kidall, Australia | Bureau Treasurer AiNIN

Sally Kidall


Country of residence: Australia
Disciplines: Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D

Lorna Green, UK | Bureau Secretary AiNIN

Lorna Green


Country of residence: Great Britain
Disciplines: Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D


ASSISTANT CHAIR (Vice President - Social Media Editor)

Country of residence: New Country
Disciplines: Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D

Fiona Paterson, France | Bureau Member AiNIN

Fiona Paterson

BUREAU MEMBER (Newsletter Editor & Social Media)

Country of residence: France
Disciplines: Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D