Opportunity: Horizons Sancy

WEBSITE Link for full details: https://www.horizons-sancy.com/candidater/

DEADLINE: 15 November 2020

Call in French and English

The Sancy Massif Community of Municipalities was set up in 2000 and brings together 16 towns till
2016: La Bourboule, Chambon-sur-lac, Chastreix, Egliseneuve-d’Entraigues, Le Mont-Dore, Murat-leQuaire, Murol, Picherande, Saint-Diéry, Besse Saint-Anastaise/ Super-Besse, Saint-Nectaire,
Compains, Espinchal, Saint-Pierre Colamine, Saint-Victor-la-Rivière, Valbeleix.
From January 2017, 4 new municipalities form part of the territory:
 La Godivelle
 Le Vernet Sainte Marguerite
 Montgreleix
 Saint Genès Champespe

In 2021, 10 works will be selected. However, the organization of Horizons has the right to change this

The final decision will be announced in March 2021.

Sancy Tourist Office is qualified to organise community events. Through this event it exposes a wide
range of audiences to contemporary art and enhances the area through the creation of
contemporary works.

See website for details.


WEBSITE Link for full details: AiNIN OPEN CALL

DEADLINE: 15 November 2020


Artists in Nature International Network  


Dynamic natural connections

 DEADLINE: 15/11/20

Since 1999, AiNIN have been supporting artists and event organisers who create and engage in site-specific work in the environment across a broad range of disciplines.

Due to COVID19, the international mobility of artists is restrained and we are all facing major changes in our lives and way of working.

AiNIN wants to give support to artists by sharing culture and creativity, bringing us closer even at a distance.

We are calling for proposals for a virtual residency program on the theme of “Dynamic natural connections” to celebrate the germination of ideas, continual growth and our inherent capacity for transformation and renewal. We look for generative, process-based art and research projects, rooted in nature as an open and evolving concept.

We encourage curiosity, exploration even from confined spaces and enhance connectivity among the participants.

The programme is open to AiNIN members and everyone willing to join our association and it is curated to give artists the opportunity to present their works to a new audience through AiNIN social media channels, and networks.

Applications are now sought from artists for two virtual residency programmes to be held between January and March 2021.

1- From 11 to 31 January 2021

2- From 1 to 21 March 2021

During the three weeks of the residency, artists will be invited to share their progress weekly with the curatorial team and through our social media (website, FB and IG).

A public presentation will be held at the end of each programme.


Our way in Nature

As members of AiNIN we believe that art-in-nature implies respecting nature, revealing and commenting upon our relationship with our environment, rather than exploiting it for the sake of art.

Our definition of `nature’ includes human and non-human animals; animate and inanimate beings; wild and untouched landscapes, rural, cultivated and agricultural spaces, some urban, suburban or city park environments and conservation reserves across a variety of public and private domains.

Site-specific work in the environment and landscape can take many forms. However, paying attention to diverse geographical, cultural, historical, physical and elemental contexts of an environment is at the core of what AiNIN artists do. We are committed to re-envision a constructive, rather than deconstructive, approach to creating art-in-nature.


Applicant Requirements:

  • Artists, researchers, designers, scholars working in the field of contemporary art and research with a focus on nature.
  • While any approach to nature is welcome we’ll select proposals encompassing a clear and coherent concept.
  • Following an environmentally friendly principle, we ask for projects that utilise mainly materials found in-situ, recycled, natural, handmade or eco-friendly materials.
  • Practices that cross media and genres, materially and conceptually: object-making, sculptural installation, sound, performance, video, new technologies, text-based work, etc… are welcome to apply.
  • Proposals that involve workshops and live demonstrations that aim to connect and inspire our members will be given priority.
  • The applicant artists need to have a good internet connection to be able to manage online conversations.
  • Basic video making skills and a good camera are preferable. If selected, you’ll be asked to participate in online meetings, shared studio sessions, and to make videos to document the process of your work.


Number of Selected Projects:

6 projects will be accepted, 3 for each of two residency programmes.

From 11 to 31 January 2021

From 1 to 21 March 2021


Application Timeline:

  • Call for Proposals: 15 September – 15 November
  • Selection of projects expected by Dec 15th


Project Support: 

  • 750€ for each project selected. For non-members of AiNIN, 30€ will be deducted from this amount as a membership fee.
  • While we welcome group or collaborative projects the fee is meant for the project, not for the artist.
  • The artist will be featured on the AiNIN website and social media.


Steps to Apply:

Applicants need to prepare the following materials:

Complete application form

In one single PDF (max 15mb):

1-    Visual outline of your project’s idea (max 5 mb)

2-    Updated Portfolio (10 pages maximum, max 10 mb)

3-    Resumé with contact information, website and social media contacts (max 2 pages)

Send the application materials to opencallainin@nullgmail.com before midnight (CET) 15th November 2010, late proposals will not be accepted.





Intellectual Property

The copyright of the work belongs to the author. The author must be the original author of the proposal. The author guarantees that the submitted proposal will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other organisation or individual. Any disputes incurred, all legal liabilities and losses to the organiser shall be borne by the author. The organiser has the right to promote, publish, exhibit work produced during this residency and give proposal implement suggestions for selected projects and works.


Opportunity: Usine Utopik

WEBSITE Link for full details: Usine Utopik residence details

DEADLINE: 16 October 2020

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Artistic Residence 2021 ARTISTS COLLECTIVE (between 3 & 5 artists) 

When: 54 days of residence – august/october 2021

Information: ADN association – USINE UTOPIK is a Creation Center of Contemporary Art in a rural territory in an
old horticultural greenhouses of Tessy Bocage (region of Normandy).
Located in a municipality of 1500 inhabitants, the residences at Usine Utopik can offer a privileged
framework for artists to create projects and have a large space for an exhibition. The center
contributes to support artists in all phases of the work from research to diffusion.
The Usine Utopik want to be a space for experiments and research to promote art projects, to
encourage meetings with the public through times of exchange, discovery and practice.

Usine Utopik also hosts writers in residence and presents a diversified cultural program (exhibitions, art
library, public readings, editorial policy, etc.) dedicated to bring publics with different artistic

Who: The call for residence is open to all graduated artists group in a collective with professional practice
in contemporary creation (painting, sculpture, installation, photo, drawing, ceramics, performance,
etc…) without limited age or nationality.
At the rate of six residences per year until now, the Usine Utopik want to welcomed this year a
collective of artists in residency (4 artists in a collective maximum).

During the residency, artists are invited to question their work with the territory, his history and
The collective must take into account the specifies of the building in his creative process and in the
The greenhouse of Usine Utopik is a very large space of 1500m2 including workshops and an
exhibition area of 400m2 (20 meter wide and 4 to 6 meter high). This space offers a very high
brightness, limiting certain projects (diffusion of images from video projectors, screens, tv, etc) The
Building has thermal differences related to the « greenhouse effect ». This constraint must be taken
into account in projects with fragile materials as photography. All these parameters must be studied
for projects presenting videos, photos, drawings, fragile facilities, etc… A visit before the residence
can be advised to evaluate the feasibility of the project.
The welcoming artists are in a process of opening to the public : in the creation of the work, meeting
with public, workshop of an artistic practice.
The residence takes place over a period of 54 days. The presence of the collective is required
during 45 days. During the residency, if the artists must to be absent for other solicitations, including
participation in external events, they must respect the authorized days off, that is 3 consecutive days
(in a total of 9 days) provided that is compatible with the residency schedule (welcoming of the
public) and the attendance card signed each day.
The disrespect of this rule will include a daily penalty of 50€ (per day of absence).
Projects with digital dimension can be envisaged via the high camera device definition. We want to
encourage innovative projects, including new technologies. This material available to the artists can
serve as artistic support or exchange tools via the videoconferencing device used in network with
the colleges and high schools of the department.

Financial assistance of 11 250€ is allocated to the residence of the collective, including a creation
grant of 6 750€ (payment of a lump sum) and a financial assistance for the production costs
associated with the residency, up to a limit of 4 500€ upon presentation of the receipts.

Opportunity: ZK/U / Mondriaan Fonds > 2021 Residencies for Visual Artists, Curators, Critics and Theorists (Germany)


When: two six-month residency periods at ZK/U: 1 January – 30 June 2021 and 1 July – 30 December 2021. 

Information: Based in Berlin, ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik is a residency centre operating at the intersection of visual arts, art research, architecture and urban innovation. As a laboratory focused on the phenomenon of the ‘city’, it wants to facilitate international and local exchange on global issues and is interested in interventions in the public space in which artists, residents and local initiatives make the public space their own.

ZK/U is a collaborative, socially engaged and locally involved art platform. The organisers are therefore particularly interested in plans that create space for encounters and exchanges between citizens from different backgrounds and that question the urban infrastructure and public space. ZK/U is open to plans that are conceptual, interventionist and contextual.

The organisers provide: For each residency, Mondriaan Fonds offers 11,025 € for travel costs, material costs and living costs for one individual. The resident is expected to contribute 1225€ and is expected to indicate in their application how they are planning to finance this contribution. This can be through a personal investment, but also a contribution from a third-party, crowdfunding, etc.

Opportunity: Call for Artists and a Scientist in Residence Aalto University

DEADLINE: 30 September 2020

When: for four-week-period in February-March 2021. 

Information: We are seeking two artists and a scientist to work together in the Aalto Biofilia – A Base for Biological Arts in the Aalto University, Finland. These residencies are conceived within the framework of the The Green Revisited: Encountering Emerging Naturecultures (GREEN) project funded by Creative Europe (http://green.rixc.org/).

This residency gives artists and a scientist an opportunity to realize artistic work in a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to bioart and to meet researchers and doctoral students of Aalto University and Department of Art in the Aalto Otaniemi Campus.

We hope artistic work reflects critically upon technical manipulation and exploitation of living systems, biological beings, other species, and/or the biosphere at large.

The aim is to create artwork(s) in relation the explored themes.

The organisers provide: For each we offer a compensation up to 5000 euros covering living costs during the residence and some of the cost of production and show.

Opportunity: Air-Kjerringøy Pilot Project 20/2

DEADLINE: 18 October 2020

Deadline: International (Baltic area) 18th October -2020

When: Residency periods 2021 Winter, 11th January – 15th March ’21 Spring, 29th March – 30th May ’21

Information: Artists from Baltic and Nordic countries, all Arctic areas and others with Arctic belonging are invited to apply and come to the stunning region of Kjerringøy, Northern Norway. Air-Kjerringøy is addressed to professional visual artists, musicians, authors and others, working in any media to stay here and work for 1 – 2 months.

The organisers provide: They are working to secure funding for accommodation and artist fee. Until this funding is secured, the artists will have to be prepared to cover all your own costs. 1 room: 2.300 NOK pr. month and 2 rooms for NOK 2000,- each pr. month + electricity. There must be at least 2 artists at the same period. We are working with Bodø 2024, European Cultural Capital for 2024, in order to ensure an artist fee and a good equipped studio.

Opportunity: GREENiDEAL Italy

DEADLINE: 1 October 2020

When: November12th-15th2020

Information: This competition is addressed to those artists that use Technology and Digital as key means of expression, and whose artworks have Environmental sustainability(protection of biodiversity, alternative and clean energy sources, pollution elimination, fight against climate change, sustainable industry and mobility, circular economy) as main theme. The works selected through this competition will be exhibited at The Biennale della Tecnologia, heldby the Politecnico di Torino on November12th-15th2020, both on-line and on-site, in the venue of Corso Duca degli Abruzzi,Torino.

The organisers provide: Among the proposals submitted 30 artworks for VIDEO SELECTION (DinamicDisplays) and (minimum) 5 artworks for SCULPTURE/INSTALLATION ARTWORKS (DinamicSculptures) will be selected. The winners will be announced during the last day of The Biennale della Tecnologia:

• For VIDEO SECTION (DinamicDisplays) the first place award is euro 300 before tax.

•For SCULPTURE/INSTALLATION ARTWORKS (DinamicSculptures) the winner will expose for free during Paratissima Torino 2021 (17thedition).

Opportunity: I put a spelling on you

DEADLINE: 30 September 2020

When: Exhibition: December 4th – 27th 2020 in Halle / Saale

Exhibition location: Gallery BLECH from Raum für Kunst Halle e.V.

Information: “Language and Literature in Fine Arts – Fine Arts in Language and Literature

Art and language/literature have an interactive relationship. Both greatly contribute to the formation of human reality. How are they important for one another? Does one say what the other can’t? What kind of power structures work within these systems? In what way do different sign systems and ways of expression influence each other? And what forms do their connections and relations take in the digital and virtual world?”

The call is open for all media.

The work submitted must be related to the topic of the exhibition.

You can apply as a single artist or as a group (max. 5 people).

Submitted applications may contain concepts for events such as readings, talks, performances, etc…

The organisers provide: The three chosen positions will be rewarded with 1000€ (including material cost/travel cost) and will exhibit their works together.

Opportunity: La Vallée Du Thouet

WEBSITE Link for full details: La Vallée Du Thouet
Call in French Only

DEADLINE: 30 September 2020

Sélection de candidats en vue de l’étude pour la réalisation de trois œuvres artistiques sur trois sites,
dans le cadre de la commande artistique en vallée du Thouet, liée à la création d’un parcours artistique
valorisant les points de vue sur le Thouet.
2ème tranche (2020/2021) // Saint-Généroux, Airvault, Saint-Loup-sur- Thouet (Deux-Sèvres)

Le montant réservé à cette opération dans sa phase d’étude est de 15 000€ TTC (soit 5 000€ TTC / artiste – 3 études confiées à 3 artistes
retenus). Le montant prévu pour la phase de réalisation est de 100 000€ TTC. Les étapes de ce programme sont présentées pour avis au
conseil national des œuvres dans l’espace public dans le domaine des arts plastiques.
Date limite de réception des candidatures : 30 septembre 2020 à 12h
Sélection par le comité artistique de 3 artistes pour la phase d’étude : octobre 2020
Remise des études par les 3 artistes : fin janvier 2021
Cet appel à candidatures et le règlement de la consultation sont téléchargeables sur le site :
www.marchesonline.com et www.valleduthouet.fr
Les informations relatives à la tranche 1 sont consultables sur :

Opportunity: Usine utopik

WEBSITE Link for full details: www.usine-utopik.com
Call in French Only

DEADLINE: 16 October 2020

L’association ADN – Usine Utopik est un Centre de Création Contemporaine implanté en milieu rural, dans les anciennes serres horticoles de Tessy Bocage (en région Normandie). Situées dans une commune de 1500 habitants, les résidences à l’Usine Utopik offrent un cadre privilégié aux artistes pour concevoir un projet donnant lieu à une exposition. Le centre contribue à soutenir les artistes dans toutes les phases du travail de la recherche à la diffusion. L’Usine Utopik se veut un espace d’expérimentation et de recherche pour accompagner et promouvoir les projets artistiques, favoriser la rencontre avec les publics via des temps d’échanges, de découvertes et de pratiques. L’Usine Utopik accueille également des auteurs en résidence et présente un programme culturel diversifié (expositions, artothèque, lectures publiques, politique éditoriale, etc.) voué à rapprocher les publics des différentes expressions artistiques. L’appel à résidence s’adresse à tous les artistes diplômés, regroupé en un collectif, ayant une pratique professionnelle dans la création contemporaine (peinture, sculpture, installation, photo, dessin, céramique, performance, etc…) sans limite d’âge et de nationalité. A raison de six résidences par an jusqu’à présent, l’Usine Utopik souhaite cette année accueillir un collectif d’artistes en résidence (collectif de 4 artistes maximum).

Une aide financière d’un montant global de 11 250 euros est allouée pour la résidence du collectif
comprenant une bourse de création de 6 750 euros (versement forfaitaire) et une aide financière pour
les frais de production associés à la résidence, à hauteur maximum de 4 500€ sur présentation de
En raison des modifications du traitement des cotisations sociales 2019, aucun précompte ne sera
réalisé par l’Usine Utopik si le collectif déclare ses revenus en BNC (une copie d’attestation de dispense
de précompte ou un avis de situation au répertoire SIRENE sera demandé).
Dorénavant le précompte concernera uniquement les artistes-auteurs qui ont un statut fiscal en France
et qui déclarent leurs revenus artistiques en « Traitement et salaire ».
L’Usine Utopik reversa à l’URSSAF 1,1 % du montant brut de la bourse versée pour la contribution de
Une convention sera signée entre les membres du collectif et l’association.