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Victime de son succès lors de sa première édition, le Festival d’Art Contemporain et de Land Art en Champagne réitère l’expérience ! Vous êtes artistes et souhaitez vivre l’aventure Vign’Art ? Alors venez consulter les sites proposés, découvrir le cahier des charges et candidater !

Apply on the website: https://www.vignart.fr/en/home/

Opportunity: Vagabond’Art: la fête de Mai

DEADLINE: contact organiser

PROJECT WEBSITE: http://www.lafetedemai.org/

The association Vagabond’Art organizes “La Fête de Mai”, in Gesves, in the heart of the Province of Namur, in Belgium. One of the objectives of this event is the creation, in the middle of nature, of artistic works that will then belong to the community and are located on walking trails. This year, Vagabond’Art wishes to celebrate its 20 years from May 21 to May 31, 2020) and wishes to invite you to participate in our call for projects. Please find below form attached. Website will translate into english, click the links below



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