AiNIN Honorary Members

François Davin, Honorary President

The Bureau wants to thank and to honour François for his exemplary involvement in AiNIN from 1998 to 2014 as a founder member, as General Secretary and as President. We give him the title Honorary President.

Francois Davin | Honorary President AiNIN
Francois Davin | Sailing Back Home

Arno Arts, Honorary Bureau Member

Arno Arts, who died in 2018, was voted onto the AiNIN Bureau in 2012 he was a great member of the team and the bureau and membership greatly benefitted from his advice. Arno’s life was an artwork, a multimedia artist who lived and breathed his work and was especially well known for what he called “his little houses”. He was a warm, gentle man, excellent at hugs, a constant smile on his face, a penchant for very original clothes in bright colours, and a joy to know. He took part in many art-in-nature projects and we all miss him.

Arno Arts | Honorary Member AiNIN

Roger Gaudreau, Honorary Bureau Member

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