Opportunity: European Culture of Solidarity Fun

WEBSITE Link for full details: https://www.culturalfoundation.eu/culture-of-solidarity?fbclid=IwAR20n3WWHnM9T7fQoWKRTjBBqWJwSRekj7AX2d4hzhDF0KehgF5Jr0gyUsk

DEADLINE: : : The second window of application opens on June 22nd, and will have a deadline on July 14th, 13:00 CET PM

Information: The Fund supports imaginative cultural initiatives that, in the midst of the global pandemic crisis reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space.

It is open to individuals, collectives and organisations from all sectors and civil society at large.

The organisers provide: The Fund has grants available in three amounts:

· €5.000 – 15.000 (5 – 10 awarded projects per submission round)

· €15.000 – 30.000 (2 – 3 awarded projects per submission round)

· €30.000 – 50.000 (1 – 2 awarded projects per submission round)

Grants can be used for financing a wide range of activities ranging from seed money for entirely new initiatives and (co-)funding for scaling up already existing ideas to European level. They can cover material costs, office costs, online co-working and communication tools, production costs, but also expert fees and staff costs.

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