Opportunity: FOUR (plus one) ELEMENTS

WEBSITE Link for full details. https://en.kinono.gr/opencall.php

DEADLINE 15 Aug 2020

When: 26 September – 18 October 2020

Information: ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering borrows the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) – plus one, the element of time, introducing a thematic proposal that attempts to integrate the landscape itself into our perception of space, time, eras, matter, energy, nature, tradition and their various social manifestations.

Participants can belong to any branch of the artistic – scientific – research spectrum, of all ages and fields as well as institutions – organizations from Greece and abroad.

The organisers provide:

  •  Support for a limited number of participants living inside and outside of the EU. The number of participants supported is defined by Κοινωνώ. We will assist you with letters and supporting documents if you wish to seek funding independently.
  • Round Trip Athens – Tinos (exclusively from the Rafina port)
  • Partial cover of transport costs (gas) for the transfer to all residency sites
  •  Leased coaches and cars
  • Hosting Period: 23 days
  •  Accommodation in rooms and / or hostels
  •  Sustenance during the introductory host activities (first 3days) and the closing activities (last 3days)
  • Provision of basic food supplies

Production materials

Each project is encouraged to utilize the resources of the island, in cooperation with various local bodies, having in mind the deficiencies and the particularities of the region, and in particular of the islands of Greece.

Κοινωνώ can cover part of the cost of production (materials / tools) and suggest solutions.


  • Spaces / Studios (indicative)
  •  Rehearsal spaces
  • Logistics, audio equipment
  • Transfer of materials and / or works from the creation studio to the site (if necessary) / project installation
  • Research projects – possibility of printing in collaboration with publishing houses

Digital platform:

In an effort to present the works to a wider audience, Κοινωνώ will have created by the beginning of 2021 a digital navigation platform for the produced works per location.

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