Opportunity: Horizons Sancy

WEBSITE Link for full details: https://www.horizons-sancy.com/candidater/

DEADLINE: 15 November 2020

Call in French and English

The Sancy Massif Community of Municipalities was set up in 2000 and brings together 16 towns till
2016: La Bourboule, Chambon-sur-lac, Chastreix, Egliseneuve-d’Entraigues, Le Mont-Dore, Murat-leQuaire, Murol, Picherande, Saint-Diéry, Besse Saint-Anastaise/ Super-Besse, Saint-Nectaire,
Compains, Espinchal, Saint-Pierre Colamine, Saint-Victor-la-Rivière, Valbeleix.
From January 2017, 4 new municipalities form part of the territory:
 La Godivelle
 Le Vernet Sainte Marguerite
 Montgreleix
 Saint Genès Champespe

In 2021, 10 works will be selected. However, the organization of Horizons has the right to change this

The final decision will be announced in March 2021.

Sancy Tourist Office is qualified to organise community events. Through this event it exposes a wide
range of audiences to contemporary art and enhances the area through the creation of
contemporary works.

See website for details.

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