Opportunity: Ledro Land Art 2020, Italy


Ledro land Art 2020

DEADLINE: 30.04.20

Dates: 16 to 30 May 2020 

Information: The organisers are seeking for artists to create two new pieces for Ledo Land Art.

Ledro Land art focuses on the link between art and nature, environmental care, the relation with site, history and local tradition. The artworks have to be created on site (or partially on site).

The artworks, being placed outdoor would be subjected to changing weather conditions and carefully documented by the project’s team.

The organisers provide:

  • 1200 euro
  • Food and accommodation will be provided during the residency time
  • When agreed upon time, the organizer will provide for technical assistance.

The cultural association Encontrarte, in collaboration with the municipal administration of Ledro and with the reserve network Alpi Ledrensi, starts the search for projects for the inclusion of two new works within the artistic path Ledro Land Art, in Pur locality, along the path that runs alongside the Assat stream to Malga Cita.

Ledro Land Art is an artistic journey in the natural territory whose inspiring principles and aims are the integration between nature and art, the relationship between man and nature, respect for the environment, the rediscovery of the landscape and its links with history and local traditions.

The selected works will be carried out partially or totally on site and inserted in the open air path, therefore subject to change and deterioration also on the basis of atmospheric factors. Given the often transitory nature of the works, an integral part of Ledro Land Art is the professional audio-video documentation of the realization process of the work carried out (by the association) which will be included on the site www.ledrolandart.eu .

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