2 Degrees: Global Warming & its Environmental Impact

jarek project for ainin 2 degrees | as part of artcop

AiNIN’s collective action as part of Artcop 21, a global festival of cultural activity on climate change, working towards a carbon neutral, clean future. At noon, local time, on November 29 2015, a collection of our members created a personal action on the theme: 2° – Global Warming and its Environmental Impact. This festival was planned to take place worldwide during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris (COP21) in 2015, with the aim to succeed and build a sustainable global culture.

“ArtCOP 21 connected hundreds of thousands of people to the climate challenge through an extensive global programme of over 550 major events;  installations, plays, exhibitions, concerts, performances, talks, conferences, workshops, family events and screenings – plus a whole range of people power gatherings and demonstrations – taking place right across Paris and in 54 total countries worldwide. All these events highlighted the need for governments meeting in Paris to support strong climate action and signal the end of the fossil fuel era – making climate change a people issue, not one to be left solely to the politicians.”

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Click on this link to view AiNIN’s Virtual exhibition: 2 Degrees

AiNIN’s 2 Degrees Virtual Exhibition

ice bulbs by sally kidall for ainin exhibition 2 degrees | as part of Artcop  project by jarek for ainin project 2 degrees | as part of artcop  kathy bruce project for ainin project 2 degrees | part of artcop

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