CAVE: Collective AiNIN Virtual Exhibition

Troglodytes and Sarcophagi in Doue-la-Fontaine_France | ainin

AiNIN members where invited to participate in this collective action. Our theme “Underground Nature Art” could be either related to the theme of the GNAP (Global Nomadic Art Project), or as a counterpoint in relation to underground culture.

The GNAP (Global Nomadic Art Project) is organised by Yatoo association (South Korea), the city of Doué-en-Anjou and Cranberry association. The GNAP takes part in France, in the region of Doué-en-Anjou. This region has an important troglodytic heritage and the theme of the GNAP is Underground spaces and their environment. 

More information about the GNAP France click on this link 

GNAP France 2017

View AiNIN’s Virtual Exhibition through this link:

AiNIN’s CAVE: Virtual Exhibition



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