PROJECT REVIEW: Expo Beaux Lieux – Renaissance 2019

Expo Beaux Lieux – Renaissance 2019, LES PRAIRIES DU ROY – Espace Naturel Sensible entre Loches et Beaulieu.

Review by Michael Rofka, AiNIN member from Germany

Anna Rofka (my wife) and I attended this international exhibition with 8 European artists. We were provided with both food and accommodation and stayed with the Mayor who is member of the organisation Beaux Lieux. We were awarded a fee and our expenses for materials and travel were covered. The organisers were very helpful and supportive and supplied the materials. We were able to make part of our work in a carpentry workshop and received some help too. I would recommend this symposium to other AiNIN artists, it’s a very beautiful place, the payment was in 5 parts and a little delayed.

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