PROJECT REVIEW: Nature Art EN ten Years After

Bemelmans Maria Kunstraum | AiNIN

Hülsenbecker Tal, Ennepetal – Germany. 2015, A Project Revisit after 10 years
Organisation: KUNSTRAUM EN e.V., Ennepetal – Germany

By Maria Bemelmans, AiNIN member from the Netherlands

This is a valley, a preserved nature area, in game preserves, aviaries and ponds numerous animals can be observed. This recreational area has a forest, streamlet and meadows. In summertime Ennepetaler choirs, orchestras and bands give samples of their skills in concert series in the music pavilion. In 2005 a site-specific/art-in-nature project took place in this valley. This event was repeated in 2015 with most of the artists of the 2005-event. Interesting for the visitor of this 2015 planned project is to follow the development of the artists in the last 10 years, which is made possible by the presentation of panels with photos of the previously manufactured objects.

The 20 artists were juried by a board of trustees consisting of members of various institutes and organizations. The artists originated from local townships, Belgium, the Netherlands and from Norway.

The works, never shown in any way before, should be made as local as possible and should be weather-resistant, environmentally friendly and dimensioned so that they may appear and stay visible in the proliferating nature. The works must not pose any danger to the public and must be designed in such a way that their implementation complies with the requirements of the participating authorities (for example, Umweltambt, Bauordningsambt, Untere Wasserbehörde). The plots for each proposed project were designated by the trustees. The works of Nature Art EN 2015 are differentiated in a different way with nature and the human relationship to nature. In the Nature Art EN the landscape is more than just subject or even scenery. Nature and landscape are integral parts of art itself. Artists still strive for a new synthesis and point to a new awareness of nature. The relationships of our bodies and our sensory and intellectual perception to the natural and our often contradictory action are simultaneously an inspiration and a driving force for many artists.

The time for creation in-sito was one week with sleepover at home of local artists and joined free hot meals in local restaurants. This was followed by opening festivities with live music and a speech from the major of Ennepetal and the president of Kunstraum EN e.V. Till the end of the Nature Art EN ten years later guided tours were given by the local artists. The artist’s fee was € 100 for travel expenses and 5 catalogues for free. Site specific materials were used and some were prefabricated in the artist’s studio. The overall organization was good, helpful and friendly. Use of utilities, such as ladders, wheelbarrows, shovels, etc was made possible. There were some volunteers giving a helping hand. There were many visitors during the nature art construction week, some returned every day to get a feel of the process. Also in the following weeks there were lots of visitors and good press reviews. At the end was a finissage with music, snacks and drinks.

Many surprising new installations were created, new work relations developed. Discussions, new friendships, new ideas, new network, collaborations, everything is connected with each other.

At the moment various institutes are discussing about the future of the event and it is not yet clear whether this project will be given the same content in connection with the tightened nature conservation rules. If a new event will be organized in future, it would be maybe possible to announce this to Ainin.