1. Vestiges of XIIth century church of Saint Gayrand, Lot et Garonne, France

About 50 drinking glasses, water, an ancient mill stone, plywood, gold leaf. Diameter: 1,20m H: 1m

The inhabitants of this small village are trying to restore the ruins of this old building destroyed
by the English in the 14th century, burnt by the Protestants in the 16th century, where the priest
was massacred during the Revolution… A lot to be healed! I invited 7 other artists to join the
local population in “symbolically rebuilding” this hill top church. The inhabitants lodged the
artists in their houses. They provided meals, materials, logistics and physical support to the
artists. An artist “rebuilt” the altar, another “showed the way to heaven” through the disappeared
roof, others” re-established” the stainglasses. I “rebuilt” the baptistery. It is a place that most
members of a community share by their physical experience. I asked each inhabitants to dedicate a
drinking glass to a loved one. I gathered them on a round tray, supported by a mill stone, filled
them with water and wrote the names of the loved ones, next to it.