Vign’Art - 2022 - Parc de Mancy - France

Like a signal at the end of a park, the work sparkles in the light and according to the will of the wind. Walkers approaching observe its undulating shape reminiscent of the slopes of vineyards, and remain fascinated by the incessant movements of the vibrations and swelling of the ribbons. Going around the work, they are seized by the hypnotic character of the colorful kineticism of the myriads of parallel ribbons. Through the work the landscape is cut out. Like a glass, the work offers to enter its central circle to taste all the colorful flavors. The multiple small shards of mirror tesserae on the floor add shine and preciousness. The music, in events then by QR code, mixes the sounds of the wind, foliage, water movements and bird calls recorded on site.