Weaving Layers: Knowing where to begin


Work presented on Loderhof farm, Weiz after OPEN FIELDS residency through the Institute for Art in
Public Spaces, Styria. The residency was set up for artists to explore the relationships between art
and agriculture in the realization of a public work. ‘Knowing where to begin’ is taken from a 1994
text by Heide Inhetveen in which she acknowledges the constant circular agricultural practices - as
soon as one task ends, another begins and we take cues about where to begin from nature itself. This
work (comprised of woven pieces and a video installation) deals with composite -layers of -
knowledge as that which can be woven together to form an inherent knowing that then utters to you
the needed tasks and processes. The title also speaks to curiosity and beginnings, reflecting the
responsiveness of Helga and Walter Breinginger to the ecology of their farm.