The Flow of River


Material Used: bamboo, jute

In this site specific installation with many layers of understanding and components, one of the
primary shape is of the flowing river which overcomes all obstacles as it journeys onward. The flowing
river has been integral to Aarrti’s own journey as a person and an artist who loves working with the
Elements that sustain Life.

The audience is expected to Walk through this to experience it empirically. The material used is
Bamboo consciously for its diversity and versatility with over 1400 known species across the World.
Bamboo also has strong cultural roots across the world as food, fuel, construction, fishing, musical
instruments, writing, weapon among many others. Jute is used for its strength, affordability and
sustainable packaging and to show as a great alternative to single use plastic.

The writing of ‘Hope’ in different Indian languages and Ubuntu among other words is to reflect that
it’s still not late to be aware and there is always Hope. Hope is collective for all Human beings
irrespective of Colour, Creed, Religion and Language enabling us to look within, to change beginning
with our own individual choices which will affect our coming generations.