The Cry Of River


The river has been an integral part of human existence. Most of human civilisation, cities and towns
are developed around rivers and water bodies. It has always played an important role in influencing
cultures and various practices, including rites and rituals. The Kali Nadi was once an integral part
of Bulandshahr with its historical ghats and connect with daily life whch has now turned into nothing
more than a toxic stream. As an artist who has been working with the element of water and rivers for
past many years, this becomes a starting point in this installation for Aarrti Zaveri while working on
the banks of the Kali Nadi.

In this Earth installation, Aarti uses collected water from the Kali nadi to create a Yantra : the
fount of ancient wisdom. The yantra is used in many parts of India to pass on the good energy and
understanding. By the banks of Kali Nadi, she creates this installation for all those who are here
with the intent of wanting to see a vibrant flowing river nurturing life.